Episode 03: Overboard (1987)

Rich bitches from the ’80s have the best style. There’s Alexis Carrington from Dynasty, Phyllis Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills, Margot from Punky Brewster (yes, we will get to them all) but Overboard’s Joanna Stayton (played by goddess Goldie Hawn) is in a league all her own. In Episode 3 of Fishnet Flix, we obsess over that big-ass bow braid. Not surprising why. It should have been immortalized in bronze like a pair of baby shoes.


Ring, ring bitch


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It’s all about accessories, baby. The more oversized, ridiculous, and glitzy the better. For a Joanna-worth hairpiece or anklet, grab your glue gun, a faux flower from the 99, some barrettes or a scrunchie, and get your DIY on.

And in the words of great co-host Blaire Bercy, “Get you a brooch that can do both!” Imagine pinning this lil Carolee porcupine on your swimsuit this summer. SEAUX CHIC.


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